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JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is an engineering examination which is conducted in India for various colleges and courses. There are several top colleges like IITs which use score in the examination for admission. Thousands of candidates take up the examination every year. Thus, it is important to prepare for the examination by using previous year IIT JEE question papers. Where to get the sample papers for preparing and training from top instructors? You need a high class training centre like Byju’s classes.

How to prepare using sample papers?

  1. Try out each question in the sample papers and previous year papers to understand and train time management.
  2. The sample papers would help you to understand and familiarize the exam pattern.
  3. Solving the papers in stimulated test condition would help you to mentally prepare for the examination.
  4. Sample papers with solution help you to understand where you go wrong and tips to solve a question with minimal time.
  5. Helps you to create a strategy to get more marks

Sources for sample papers

You can get a lot of sample papers from various sources. You can get JEE main 2014 paper from various sources. The previous year paper would remain the same. But, the sample paper would differ from one source to another. You need sample papers from the experts. The sample JEE main question paper should be created with different genre. Sample papers should be different from each other. Each paper should focus on a different style of questions. There is no surety that 2016 paper would be the same as that of previous year paper. Thus, you need to be prepared for all kinds of papers.

Picking up question randomly from the syllabus would not make a sample paper. A sample paper should have a strong answer key too. The key should have simple solution with explanation. If there is more than one method of solving a question, the key should have all the methods in detail.

Preparing for JEE

JEE is attempted by various candidates from all over India. Many students would be more equipped in terms of study material and best instructors. It is not possible to attend several classes to get training from top instructors. But, you can get trained from the top instructors at the same place. You need to enrol with Byju’s classes for that. It is not a simple training centre. It is a training mobile app. This app is filled with many videos from top instructors with illustrations. This would help you to understand the concepts easily. Apart from these, you can also take up back to back test papers which are designed by experts. This will help you to mentally prepare for the examination. You can find thousands of practical problems with answers and reference from various ebooks and reference videos. This will help you to get a competitive edge over the other students. After all, getting a good mark in JEE does not matter. You need to get better score than most of the other candidates to get admission in top colleges.